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90-min barre and center class with Mr. Du.


Vaganova method. Precise technical guidance.


Whether you’re a passionate adult dancer or professional student dancer, you will be challenged the same.


*This is a recorded class from one of our recent sessions with live students.

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what our students say

That was the best and longest barre I have ever done! Thank you Mr. Du! The biggest thing I learned was more of a philosophy or way to approach the training and performing. What you said about simplicity and order, and only doing what is needed at that time, no more and no less. That will go with me into how I approach a lot of things. It is very easy for me to keep thinking about either what I messed up in the last combo or ahead to how inadequate I will be in the next. Your words really help, thank you again.
Living S.
Adult Dancer
Astounding communication and engagement with his students. Such a PRIVILEGE to be allowed to watch this… So much to LEARN through his presentation, focus, and PRESENCE… Such a powerful teacher.
Janie S.
Adult Dancer
I thought my dream [of dancing professionally] had sunk yet after a couple of classes I came across his lessons, the dream has been woken up.
K’mellia H.
Our Classes

The goal is to refine the physical understanding of classical ballet’s technical expectations while exploring artistry and developing strength and flexibility.


I believe diligence, discipline, and a good work ethic are keys to success. 


We all come from different backgrounds in terms of natural and physical abilities and personalities.


By applying yourself well, you will ultimately achieve your personal goal.