Mastering Variation Coaching

June 11-13, 2024

Coach Students to Win on Stage

We help teachers become confident coaches who can help students have a successful competition experience and place in competitions like YAGP.

This program consist of collaborative sessions & live coaching to provide effective coaching strategies, actionable feedback, and techniques for rapid improvement.

Know Exactly What Judges Want

  • Breaking down the most important elements (what the judges are looking for) in each variation and the ways to bring the best finished product for individual students.
  • How to make necessary alterations to the variations that work better for your students and are still respectful to the original choreography and acceptable to the judges
  • Understanding the judges’ outlook regarding what they like and don’t like to see in each variation

Bring Results Even in Limited Training Time

  • How to spot the trouble areas and provide effective corrections and supplemental exercises to help the training
  • How to improve musicality and polish artistry
  • How to determine which variation is the best choice for individual students. 
  • Addressing simple elements to improve the overall quality of each variation.

Who is this for?

✅ Teachers with some experience in both leading ballet classes and coaching students for competitions

✅ Teachers who want to continue their training to bring more results to their students

✅ Teachers unsatisfied with their current teacher’s training program



❌ Not for ballet instructors with no experience

❌ Not for teachers who are happy with their results

Meet Your


runqiao du


June 11-13, 2024

15 spots


  • 3-Day Training Program
  • Training Certification
  • Access to Previous Teacher’s Training Recordings

All pricing is USD


6:00 - 8:00 PM Variation Coaching Demo Variation Coaching Demo Variation Coaching Demo

Actual schedule may vary during the event.


Room: C3-06-38 (Level 6)
151 Bencoolen Street Singapore 189656

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We will be using one of the studios at Converge Studios.

Yes, participants of this program will be provided a recording of all sessions.

This program will be most beneficial for teachers with some foundation and experience as a teacher. Having your own classes of students that you currently teach will be beneficial as you can apply what you learn immediately.

There may be some time at the end of each day to ask specific questions.

No, this will be an in-person event only.