January – February Schedule Updates
We would like to invite you to the Classical Ballet Mastery – Online Training Program that offers a transformative experience. Join us to explore topics such as incorporating breath for musicality, refining speed and precision, and mastering the importance of starting and finishing each combination!
The dates and topics are as follows:

  • Jan 8th – Jan 20th: “How to Incorporate Your Breath into Your Dancing to Improve Musicality and Create More Nuances.”
  • Jan 22nd – Feb 3rd: “Speed and Precision”
  • Feb 5th – Feb 17th: “The Importance of Starting and Finishing of each Combination”

Elevate your ballet skills with expert guidance in this enriching virtual program. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your dance journey!
 Substitute Classes

We would like to inform everyone that Mr. Du will be unavailable on February 10th and 12th, as well as March 9th and 11th, due to his commitment as a judge in the YAGP competition. During these dates, Ms. Fernanda, one of our master teachers, will be handling the classes. Additionally, Mrs. Gaither will be unavailable on February 14th, and Ms. Fernanda will handle her classes on that day as well. 

Choose your option.