Digital proof of your attendance at DUCOMPETE

(surprises to come for those who claim)

What is POAP?

The most practical way to describe POAPs is digital receipts or stickers you get from attending an event.



POAPs, Proof of Attendance Protocol, are ERC-721 tokens that are used to give attendees of both virtual and IRL events a way to prove their record and life experiences and are supported by a cryptographic record. 


Yes, this is an NFT (non-fungible token), meaning once it’s been claimed, there is a recorded proof that cannot be altered.


About the Artwork

This art piece was specifically created for our very first DUCOMPETE event.

As we invited numerous students from Singapore & USA, we decided to create something around the two countries.


Artist: Sheila Mae Sab


1. Install POAP App


To claim the POAP, you will need to install the POAP app.

2. Login into the POAP app


To login into the app, you will need to enter either your ENS name, ETH address or email address. Once you enter your preferred method, tap Set as main account.

3. Claim POAP


To claim a POAP, login to the POAP app and select the Mint button. From there, you will input the Secret word.

What you are actually doing when you claim a POAP is minting an NFT. That is one of the greatest things about POAPs, you are minting an NFT and it costs you absolutely nothing! No purchase necessary.