Students Program

December 27 – January 7, 2023 | Gaithersburg, MD

About Event

Super-Intensive Program & Competition Prep

This super-intensive is geared towards professional students with a primary focus on classical ballet technique & classical variation coaching.

Weekly classical mock competitions & direct feedback from jury members & international faculty to help students prepare for the upcoming competition season.

Audition required. Must be 14 years or older. Dancers younger than 14 years old may qualify with special permission.

The Experience

Classical Ballet Training

Primary focus of the training will be the Vaganova Method including daily technique & pointe classes.

Variation Coaching

Bring your variation you would like to master before your competitions or performances.


Our teachers are experts in teaching classical variations as they studied closely with the original versions and coached some of the world’s most accomplished dancers.

Mock Competitions

Receive live feedback from judges and teachers on the unique, positive aspects of your performance as well as corrections & advice.


Week 1 Access

Dec 27 – 31 (5 days)


  • Full Training Program
  • Performance Opportunity
  • Performance Video
  • 10 Virtual Classes Included 
  • ($200 value)

Week 2 Access

Jan 2 – 7 (6 days)


  • Full Training Program
  • Performance Opportunity
  • Performance Video
  • 10 Virtual Classes Included 
  • ($200 value)
9:00 - 10:30 AMBallet TechniqueBallet TechniqueBallet TechniqueBallet TechniqueBallet TechniqueBallet Technique
10:30 - 11:30 PMPointe/RepertoirePointe/RepertoirePointe/RepertoirePointe/RepertoirePointe/RepertoireRehearsal
11:30 - 12:30 PMLunchLunchLunchLunchLunchLunch
12:30 - 1:30 PM Ballet TechniqueBallet TechniqueBallet TechniqueBallet TechniqueBallet TechniqueMock Competition
1:30 - 4:00 PMVariation CoachingVariation CoachingVariation CoachingVariation CoachingVariation Coaching-
4:30 - 6:30 PMPrivate LessonsPrivate LessonsPrivate LessonsPrivate LessonsPrivate Lessons-

Actual schedule may vary during the event.

*Special Seminars can include sessions on injury prevention, career development, live demonstration, and parents’ Q&A.*

Private lessons will be limited and provided on a first come, first serve basis.

How the Audition Works

You will attend one of our regular virtual classes with Mr. Du listed below.


Upon assessment, we will send you your results within 1 week after completing your audition class.


If the dates & times do not work for you, please email us at


Gaithersburg has many hotels within 5 min drive to the studio as well as great restaurants.

Downtown Crown and Rio Lakefront have many great restaurants.


Berrend Dance Centre

9264 Gaither Rd,

Gaithersburg, MD 20877


Making this experience possible.

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Registration Form

*We have a 60-day policy window where all purchases will be non-refundable starting October 28, 2022.*


We have rented out a studio in Gaithersburg, MD to host this event!

Yes! A unique experience for adult dancers to train at an intensive with top-class teachers just as professional students do.

Yes! Mr. Du will be doing his best to make sure that he’s teaching every day. We’ve also invited top-class teachers for this special event.

No, but you will have to attend one of our virtual classes prior to the Winter Intensive to assign level placement. This program is not designed for individuals with no background in classical ballet. Please try this class below to see if you will be able to follow along without any major issues.

For Adults and Students, if you have participated in one of our virtual classes, you will know the standard and expectations from each class. 

Please try this class below to see if you will be able to follow along without any major issues.

This entire experience is in-person.

Yes, there will be pointe classes for adult dancers who are already experienced with pointe. We will not have pointe classes for absolute beginners on pointe.

All dancers should attend all the classes listed on the schedule. There are no “limits”, especially since we will have a performance at the end. It will be important to attend all the classes if possible.

Yes, there will be young students, but they will have separate classes in different studios. Adult dancers will not take any classes with young students.

We will also have a Teacher’s Training Program taking place within the two weeks.