Why Mr. Du, International Jury of Big Name Competitions Like YAGP, created the

Most Incredible Free Gift Ever… 

Designed to help you prepare for competitions with exactly what you need with minimal time

for serious ballet dancers between ages 11 to 15

Are you a parent of a ballet dancer between the ages of 11 to 15 who is currently attending a number of competitions, but unsure of how to help your child get to her dream school for the upcoming summer intensive season?


If your child is currently at a dance school with acceptable technical foundations, occasionally placed top 12 at competitions, but lacks the specific instruction or personal feedback to learn classical variations properly, this Competition Prep Guide will be of interest to you.

Please do NOT submit your information if your child is…

completely satisfied with the results that you get at competitions and the training you’re receiving at the current school. If you qualify as described above, you should get this guide before your next competition.


If you are a beginner in ballet OR already have invitations from your dream schools/companies, this is not for you.

What’s in the Guide?

Do’s & Dont’s at Competitions

This covers fundamental etiquette and best practices that all students must know before attending competitions. 


This comes in a PDF & Video format.

Where to stand in an audition masterclass?

If you’re standing at the barre in the back corner of the room, how likely is it that the master teacher, who so happens to be the artistic director of your dream school, sees you?


This video guide explains the prime spots for students to stand at the barre to make the best first impression.

Classical Variation Coaching Session Recordings

This includes recordings of 20+ students who was coached directly by Mr. Du on various classical variations. It’s likely that you are dancing one of these variations that was assessed.

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