Class Etiquette & Expectations

Class Description:

Structured study of classical ballet technique, including its artistry and nuances. Classes offered at Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. The goal is to refine the physical understanding of classical ballet’s technical expectations while exploring artistry and developing strength and flexibility. I believe diligence, discipline, and a good work ethic are keys to success. We all come from different backgrounds in terms of natural and physical abilities and personalities. By applying yourself well, you will ultimately achieve your personal goal.


Virtual Classroom Etiquette


  • Be on time for every class. If you arrive 20 minutes after class begins you will not be allowed to join.
  • Warm up prior to class so you’re ready for work when class begins. The barre portion of class is not intended as a warm up period.
  • Notify the teacher of any injury that may prevent you from finishing a class or performing a step full out.


Space Safety

  • Make sure you have enough space to move. Move away any furniture that may fall or be in your way during the class.
  • Make sure the floor is not slippery.
  • Make sure you have a clear view of the monitor and that the teacher has a clear view of you.
  • Make sure you have good internet connection to limit any delay caused by slow internet speed.
  • Secure your pets during the class.



  • Hair should be up and out of your face, secured tightly – no loose ends (no ponytails).
  • No loose jewelry.
  • Warm up clothes must be taken off when the class starts. Tight fitting leg warmers may be worn if nursing an injury that the teacher is aware of.
  • Maintaining a healthy physique will help your overall energy during the class and prevent injuries.


Ladies: You must be in a ballet leotard and tights (no sports bras and shorts).

Gentlemen: Solid – Black colored tights with dance belt and tightly fitted T-shirt or leotard.



BALLET SLIPPERS – elastics should be SEWN onto shoes – not tied in a knot.



Virtual  Classroom Expectations:


  • The instructor expects you to be focused physically and mentally so we may begin class with full physical and mental capacity.
  • Be very focused when you are given a combination.
  • Pay special attention to the musicality.
  • Be open minded to new ways of performing a step.
  • Be willing to explore new ideas about movement and music and learn to work through the challenges.
  • When given a correction, apply immediately. Work to retain this information so that in future classes you will be able to improve and ultimately eliminate the issue.
  • When a classmate is given a correction, absorb it as though it was given to you.
  • If there is a question about something, wait until the instructor finishes explaining – your answer may be in the instructor’s next words.
  • Prepare for each combination before the music starts. Don’t wait for the introduction of the music to get into position.
  • Be motivated, energetic, and responsive to your teacher throughout the class.
  • When you encounter an obstacle, continue with a positive attitude. Never “give up” in the middle of a combination.
  • Trust that the instructor’s experience and knowledge will help guide you toward improvement and success.
  • If you wish to discuss or question a correction or combination, please do it after the class, not during.

  • Treat the virtual studio as a sacred place:
    • Respect the learning environment
    • No unnecessary talking
    • No gum chewing
    • Respect and be courteous to your teacher and fellow classmates
    • Respect the art form of ballet