Participate in Live Virtual Ballet Classes taught by Mr. Du.

Participate in Live Virtual Ballet Classes taught by Mr. Du.

We’re confident you’ll have the best ballet experience you’ve ever had.

Our Promise


We provide high quality training for professional dancers, students, teachers, and ballet enthusiasts equally.


Our service will always be provided in a structured, professional, and supportive manner. 


We believe the joy of learning is elevated with a group of individuals who seek ballet to enhance their physical and artistic lives. 

Ballet class offers an opportunity to experience profound happiness and fulfillment.

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Ballet Training with Mr. Du

90-minute ballet classes at Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels with feedback and corrections given in a way that feels as though you are in a classroom environment together.

What People Are Saying

See why everyone excels with Mr. Du

“Astounding communication and engagement with his students. Such a PRIVILEGE to be allowed to watch this… So much to LEARN through his presentation, focus, and PRESENCE… Such a powerful teacher.”

Janie S. 

“I love the teacher’s analogies! Good technique improves with practice AND visualisation.”

Lydia H.

“I thought my dream had sunk yet after a couple of classes I came across his lessons, the dream has been woken up.”

K’mellia H.

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